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Insulated Dog House kennels?

Insulated dog house for sale keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Dog Houses can be fully insulated including walls, floor and roof. Theres 25mm of insulation all around then ply-lined for strength and  protection. The overall thickness of the walls is 50mm. All pet homes on this site are handmade in Kildare and can be delivered anywhere in Ireland.

Chicken Coop Ireland

Over the next few weeks we will have chicken coops for sale and supply across Ireland.

Chicken coops for sale will come in 3 styles and sizes they will be hand painted and finished beautifully. Special hen house is also being designed for urban gardens. keep an eye on this site for more info.Thanks.


Design and Build there own range of pet houses.

The Dog kennels for sale are made with pressure treated timber perfect for the Irish weather.

If you dont see anything you like contact Darren on 0831242129 i could help you custom build a house for your pets needs.

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